Peru is an amazing country with a rich culture and beautiful history. However, Peruvians know intimately the struggles that come with poverty, poor education, and a weak health system. We were able to team up with Revive Humanity again to provide much needed service in an effort to spread JOY to these wonderful people! Just like our previous projects, each of the service projects that we participated in were focused on education. We feel that the most impact we can have is to inspire the children to gain a strong education and become the leaders of tomorrow. Our time was spent reading and teaching in the classrooms, gardening around the school and orphanages, cleaning trails, maintaining and beautifying the school buildings, holding health and sanitation clinics and becoming immersed in the culture!

Our volunteers also had the opportunity to visit Machu Pichu before it closes, see the beautiful floating villages on Lake Titicaca, and explore ancient Incan sights on a bus tour through the country side.

Click below to see a slideshow of our time in Peru!

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