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Since 2013 Josie and The 444 Project have traveled across the world to discover and spread joy. Everywhere we have gone, we have interviewed and ask “What brings you joy?”. From the Incan terraces of southern Peru to the bamboo nipa huts of the Philippines we have learned that EVERYONE has a reason to get out of bed and a reason for JOY. We have also identified specific but simple skills that the happiest people use to discover, create, and spread joy. We have taken what we have learned, combined it with modern learning theories to develop Discovering Joy.


Discovering Joy is a seven-hour training course that teaches six simple but specific skills that have a profound impact on the amount of joy we each experience. We have developed three different delivery methods to best suite your learning style. Participants of each method will learn skills relating to: prioritizing choices, giving meaningful service, developing a purpose, developing creative skills, goal setting, and interpersonal relationship management. Each participant will also be provided with a workbook to guide them through learning activities and serve as a reference for future reflection.

Classroom Instruction

This is the most popular method. Using modern learning best practices a trained instructor will guide your group through the content of the training. Participants will engage in meaningful discussions, self-assessments and partner and small group activities designed to provide inspiring ideas and entertaining learning in a safe social setting. This delivery method is ideal for groups of 9-30 people.

Visual Learning

Did you know that you can access Discovering Joy content online? That’s right! Anyone with internet connection can take the course and learn the materials. This self-paced method allows participants to learn when they can wherever they want. Through videos, digital activities, instructor feedback and group forum discussions, online participants can learn and develop the same skills in a virtual setting that provides social interaction, personalized feedback and incredible flexibility. The whole experience is divided into six progressive modules, each module focusing on a specific skill. Participants will be provided access to the companion workbook and are encouraged to dutifully take notes for future reference.

One-on-One Mentoring

The 444 Project now offers personal mentoring. In a series of seven one-hour sessions the mentors will work on a one-on-one basis with participants to learn and implement each of the skills taught in Discovering Joy. Mentoring allows for a personalized approach that give the participants the care and attention they need to not only learn the skills but to incorporate them into their lives. Participants are encouraged to keep in communication with mentors throughout the whole process and additional sessions can be provided upon request. Mentoring sessions can be conducted in person or via online communication such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

All proceeds will be used to support our humanitarian efforts and cover administrative cost.

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