Belize is known to the outside world for its beautiful tropical beaches, stunning coral reefs and incredible Mayan ruins. However, behind the bustling tourist front is a nation struggling to survive crippling poverty. 41% percent of the population of Belize live below the poverty line and 16% live in extreme poverty. Many families rely on multiple sources of income and many others have to grow their own food using inefficient farming methods and primitive tools. They struggle to survive because they don’t have the technology, knowledge and opportunity to improve their circumstances. However, we have a chance to make a difference.

In July 2018 The 444 Project will be joining forces with Revive Humanity to bring JOY to Belize. We will spend two weeks volunteering in orphanages and schools. We well be providing service through facilities, improvement projects and providing education related donations. We will also have the opportunity to visit schools and teach the students. We believe that by creating a memorable experience, we can inspire the students to give their best efforts in their education which will provide them with the knowledge, experience and opportunities to fulfill their dreams. By visiting the classrooms, playing with the children and sharing love whenever we go, we will have a life changing experience as we spend our days spreading Joy!

Registration for both groups is currently open for everyone at the link below:

All-inclusive cost (including group airfare, food, housing, project materials and all in country expenses!) is $3,000 and is tax deductible!



Group 1: July 7-15

Group 2: July 15-23

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